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On Hermetism & Hermeticism

On Hermetism

This subdomain aims at Alexandrian Hermetism & Hermeticism.

The former is introduced by investigating (a) the Egyptian Thoth, representing writing, medicine & magic in Ancient Egypt, (b) the influence of Ancient Egyptian thought on Greek civilization in general and its philosophy in particular and (c) the historical Lodge of Hermes of Alexandria and the Corpus Hermeticum.

Hermeticism is Judeo-Christian, operating through "sacramental" magic, involving redemptoric & eschatological concepts. The Enochian system of dr.John Dee being the most refined of them all.

ENOCHandthe Day of the End
the Mystery of the Eight Day
and the Angelic Hermeticism of dr.John Dee

the Transfiguration
"His face changed its appearance,
and his clothes became dazzling white.
A voice said from the cloud : 
'This is my Son, the Elect One, listen to him !'"
Luke, 9:29 & 35